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Squarespace Web Designer & World Traveller.


About “Squarespace” Steve:

A while back when I was working in Scotland as an IT Engineer, my co-workers *affectionately* gave me the nickname ‘Squarespace Steve’. They might have been taking the mickey at how excited I was about Squarespace but it stuck! Nowadays, I put all that excitement to good use in my design projects.

My Background:

I spent my early years in Liverpool (England) but grew up in rural Scotland. A side effect of growing up in two countries is an accent that has a mind of it’s own really. I’m neither fully ‘Scouse’, nor broad ‘Scottish’ and people can rarely guess where I’m from!

I started my career in IT Support back in 2010 and my day-to-day life was spent fixing problems and describing technical issues to non-technical people (as well as drinking tons of coffee). After about 5 years working for Oil & Gas companies in Aberdeen, I decided to take a break from the corporate routine and travel around the world. Before I set off on my adventure, I moved my travel blog from WordPress to Squarespace and fell in love with it. Soon enough, I started to get requests to design similar websites for family and friends and realised that I could turn this passion of mine into a business!

The rest is history!

When I’m not helping people build online businesses, you can find me becoming best friends with any dog I meet, eating anything Oreo-flavoured or roaming around with my camera in hand.

How I Work:

I’m a huge fan of connecting with people and building lasting relationships. I prefer an authentic, personable approach to business with a focus on providing value and helping people.

You shouldn’t be set-back in your business plans because you can’t code a website or get to grips with WordPress, hosting and all the other tech bits. I know how hard it is to start out online and I’m eager to share the knowledge and help you grow & expand your business.


Follow my life adventures over at @MrStevenWJ