Aga Specialists UK 

Squarespace Website Re-Design

AGA Specialists UK - Squarespace Web Design UK Redesign.


  • Simple Logo Design

  • Branding Colour Scheme

  • Completely Customised Site

  • Simplified Navigation

  • Developing a Clear User Experience

  • New Portfolio Page

  • Revamping Reconditioning Page.

  • Complete Website Copy Writing

  • Image Sourcing

Steve was unhappy with his website. Although he was getting traffic, his website was a basic Squarespace Template (without customisation) which led to other people in his field building carbon-copies of his website.We wanted to completely overhaul the site to make it unique to him and get some brand identity in there too.


The Ins & Outs of the Project.

We ended up creating his first ever brand logo with a colour scheme to go with it. We decided to go for a Serif font for the site headers to give the site a more professional, trustworthy feel. We paired it with a nice sub-heading sans-serif font for the modern aesthetic he wanted too.

With his logo design, we paid homage to his first company, Independent Aga Specialists by incorporating the green accent into it. Steve already had business cards and other collateral so we stuck as close to them as we could, while still revamping it with a simple, modern feel. We moved away from harsh bright colours to give his site & brand a simpler, more professional look. We chose a three colour palette with flat, masculine tones to keep his personality a part of the brand identity.

We wanted to change the whole website to take it away from any similarities. Instead of sticking the insanely popular “Hayden” template, we went for a more customisation-friendly option. We completely changed the typography, layout demo pages and started the site from scratch.

The previous homepage design was a one-page mashup of information so we split it up using banner images to separate the different sections. Having the separation makes it much easier for the site visitors to take in all the information, whilst keeping the nice browsing experience. The previous site lacked a purpose so we sat down and chatted about what Steve wanted from his site. The main goals were to get more bookings for services and place orders for Reconditioned AGAs. We we through the whole site and made sure each page had a clear Call To Action to guide the visitors to where we want them to go.

We also added a “Portfolio” page. The normal Portfolio layout options didn’t suit the business so we opted for a straight-forward “before/after” approach. We called the page “Our Work” and uploaded a few image carousels showing the before/during/after of a few of the services on offer.

You can see more examples of my work in my Portfolio or you can get in touch to book your own website design project below: