Beauty Kaer - Hair & Beauty Salon

Complete Squarespace Site Design.

Project Scope

  • Customised Website Design

  • Colour Scheme & Typography

  • Responsive Design for Mobile Viewing

  • Online Appointment Functionality

I’d been itching to do this design for a while! Beauty Kaer is a lovely local Hair & Beauty salon in the North East of Scotland. Currently, the bookings are made through their Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as phone/walk ins. The salon has been running for a while but they were still missing a website for a professional, trustworthy online booking hub.



The Ins & Outs of the Project.

Beauty Kaer had their logo and branding sorted so they just needed a beautiful website to match! I decided to go with a one-page website for simplicity and cost. We used Anchor Points to our advantage! (this is when you click on a link and it scrolls to that section instead of a new page).

I loved designing this site because the colours, textures and the overall aesthetic are everything to me. When you visit the Salon in person, you notice the design detail in everything. Kaereen has done an amazing job at brand identity and keeping the consistency throughout - from social media, price lists, gift cards and the complete style of the salon. Obviously I had to keep the same aesthetic when it came to the site design! I created a Pinterest board and started pinning everything that matched the “Beauty Kaer” feel and style.

When I was choosing the banner images, I started with bright images of hair models with lots of negative space but it didn’t fit. It seemed cliche to choose a close up model for the main image and didn’t showcase the elegant style. I chose a darker, textured background with brush strokes to give the site a bit more personality.

Kaereen uses a typewriter font on social media images so I decided to incorporate that into the site. I downloaded a custom font and uploaded it to the site and set the sub headers to match.

The main goal of the site was to increase bookings so we made the “View Pricelist” and “Book Your Place” buttons the first thing visitors see. Instead of creating normal buttons, I decided to play around with the brush stroke theme and create more “brand focused” images.

Since the Facebook and Instagram pages are heavily focused around client work, I decided to add in a Portfolio Gallery on the homepage to showcase their skills from the get go. The marble background effect helps to section off the portfolio and grabs your attention, while staying with that elegant aesthetic. Each image links back to their Instagram page to help their following grow and I gave each Social Media page pride of place inside the top navigation bar, as well as the footer. Both will help to direct traffic to each platform and increase their reach.

The price list was available on the business Facebook page but wasn’t really eligible and was buried within portfolio pieces. I brought it to the homepage and created some mock-up images to make it look a bit more professional. I stripped down the price list to the most popular options then created and uploaded a full branded price list for visitors to download.

The website has functionality to add in Acuity Scheduling for Online Bookings. This can be available as either a link to a separately branded appointment page or as an embedded scheduler. Both will allow potential customers to see available time slots and book their place without annoying phone calls or trips down town. You can also add in payment functionality to require pre-payment or deposits for bookings.

Since Beauty Kaer service the local area, I added a location map along with their address and opening hours - all with the intent of luring customers to their salon. Twinned with locally targeted Facebook ads, the website is a sure-fire way of reeling in new clients.

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