5 Examples of Travel Bloggers using Squarespace

Squarespace isn’t just for Photographers and Service-Based businesses anymore.

More and more bloggers are choosing Squarespace to host their Travel Blogs.

The blogging functionality was one of the main draws for me when I switched my own Travel Blog over from WordPress to Squarespace a few years ago. The learning curve was minuscule compared to WP and I had my site created, blog posts written and everything formatted before I even knew it.

It let me focus on things that matter most when you’re trying to get your blog off the ground (like content creation and SEO), and less on learning the ins and out of the back-end stuff and getting bogged down with hackers, plugins and the like. It was easy and I loved it.

A few people have asked me about Squarespace and Travel Blogging. Is it feasible? Can they look unique? etc etc. Instead of ‘going into one’ with a whole guide on how to travel blog on Squarespace, I thought I’d show you a few people who are killing it with their blog designs using the platform.

Without further ado, let’s start the rundown!

5. Local Wanderer

Bright and delightful places, hand-picked by Elaine + Taylor.

I found Local Wanderer through one of their founders, Taylor. She is head marketer for the Instagram Scheduling App, Later. Their site is bright, simple and straight-to-the-point with the blog posts filling the homepage for a direct conversion from visitor to reader.

4. Slow Travel Mag

A focus on slowing down your travel and becoming a part of the local culture.

I love the concept behind this blog! Design-wise, the scrolling carousel images on the homepage are beautiful and the big images on their blog page entice you into reading.

3. By Lisa Linh

A digital destination promoting self-growth through discovery & exploration.

I stumbled across Lisa’s blog when wandering around the internet and admired the awesome design. Her site was created by the very talented GoLiveHQ. The design, mixed with the branding colours and styled images work perfectly.

2. The Common Wanderer

A Travel Blog for the Roamers & Seekers.

I found Mark and Mim on Instagram where their IG game is S T R O N G! I fell in love with their photography skills and had to check out their website. Little did I know, it was hosted on Squarespace! The site pulls focus to their amazing imagery; utilising the Parallax (funky scrolling) feature and big banner images.They are one of the most successful Travel Bloggers I’ve seen using Squarespace and they’re even a member of Mediavine (the travel blogger’s dream haha!).

1. The Lawrence House

Designed by Meg Summerfield (queen!), the site looks amazing and showcases what Squarespace is capable of. The team’s photography mixed with the design elements bring the site together. The split section backgrounds make for an easy flowing page and the interactive Google Map is a lovely touch. I’m also in love with Aspen the mountain pup…

So there you have it!

Your travel blog can still look epic and be easy to use without the hassle of a complicated web host. If you’ve found other examples I’d love to see them. Comment them below so I can check them out.

Have a good day!


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