Why you should STOP using Linktree

You might have heard of Linktree. It took off recently and became extremely popular in the Instagram world - especially with influencers. Each instagram profile is allowed ONE link in their profile bio. Unfortunately, it meant you had to choose which link was your most important, or periodically switch them. This is where Linktree came to save the day!

When you setup an account with them using your Instagram username, you get your own personalised link to paste into your bio (something like this: https://linktr.ee/mrstevenwj). It’s short, sweet and “branded” (it has your insta handle in it anyway!).

Once you’ve set that up, you get to choose a few links then turn them into buttons:


It’s obvious how this can save your bacon when it comes to promoting courses, sharing your best content or directing your audience somewhere else but think about this for a sec…

Every time someone clicks on your bio link, Linktree are getting your traffic - not you.

Sure, people will (hopefully) click through to your links and you’ll get them from there, but why miss out on those SEO-friendly clicks? The more traffic your site gets, the more Google sees that you’re valuable and bumps you up in their results. OK, it’s more complicated than that but that’s for another post!

You need to create your own Linktree

This is really easy on Squarespace but irregardless of your hosting/CMS, you should be able to create a new page and set it up to mirror a Linktree page.

In Squarespace, create a Cover Page in the Not Linked section:

You can call it “Links” or “Instagram” if you like.


Now, you can go into the Cover Page, scroll through all the layout options and choose one you like. Next, it’s time to brand it using the customisation options.

Once you’ve changed the images, fonts, colours and anything else you’d like, go into the Action section and edit the Navigation Options to match your “Linktree” ones.


And you’ll have your own Linktree page! And you’ve branded it, and get the link clicks. Seems like a no-brainer to me 👍

Here’s my links page for reference (and to show it off a bit…)


If this helped you, please share the love and pass it onto someone else that might benefit! 🙂